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Joining the world in the 1.5°race to 2030.
doubling down for climate action in this decade that matters most.

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Ben is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Carbon Business Council, leading a coalition of more than 100 carbon management companies to responsibly restore the climate. Ben is also the President of Ben Bay LLC, a consultancy to advance climate action.

Ben has led winning climate initiatives and campaigns for companies, accelerators, governments and nonprofits. Currently based in New York City, Ben’s climate portfolio spans across the U.S. and internationally. He is a Research Fellow with the Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal at American University and a Domain Expert with the Carbon13 climate tech venture builder.

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FREEDOM to breathe 

Co-creator of a 5,000 mile cross-country tour to spotlight climate impacts occurring throughout America and the leaders working to overcome these challenges. 


Highlights from Freedom to Breathe aired on PBS Newshour mini-series. Collaboration included local community organizers, Amplifier and original artwork by Celeste Byers.

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We need to fight climate change with a trident to address reducing emissions, removing and managing carbon dioxide, and preparing for climate impacts. 


We are past the point of focusing only on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Action is also necessary to drawdown carbon from the atmosphere and protect communities from climate impacts. Innovation can help lead the way to restore the climate.

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